Borg & Overström



Sterizen- Before leaving our factory, every Borg & Overström appliance undergoes an anti-microbial, antipathogen, sanitising procedure. This bacteria-eliminating process is Sterizen™.

No other make of water cooler goes through this factory sterilisation process, which is why only Borg & Overström coolers are laboratory-certified to be 99.999% bacteria-free when leaving the factory.


Viovandt- Ultra-violet
sterilising system

Ultraviolet light destroys bacteria in water. Unlike chemical additives, it does this without affecting the water’s taste or purity, simply delivering the freshest of drinking water.

Viovandt™ is our directed UV light that shines on the water as it is dispensed, adding a further level of hygiene.


Fynil- Biofilm, limescale and impact
resistant epoxy resin panel finish

Many surfaces unwittingly offer homes to a multitude of bacteria, especially inside scuffs and scrapes. This is why Borg & Overström appliances have a double-coated surface of Fynil™.

This scratch and impact resistant epoxy-resin material resists biofilm development and limescale cohesion for increased hygiene and longevity.