Gelato cabinets with ventilated refrigeration, finned evaporator and automatic reverse defrosting cycle. One piece body with ecological polyurethane insulation (HCFC & HFC free), foamed with C02 60 mm thick. Display base and service top in bright stainless steel, rear panel in plastified sheet, external base in painted sheet. Upper structure with lateral profiles in carbon steel painted with epoxy powder, black colour. External stratified side panels. Tempered glass structure. Front pyrolytic lift-up curved anti-fog glass with hydraulic pistons. Profile, complete light heading in silver-colored anodized aluminium, neon lighting. Operator side closure with self-rolling curtain. Main structure and basement in carbon steel painted with epoxy powder, adjustable feet. Control board on the operator side with electronic board and digitalthermometer inside the tank, temperature control set at -20/+ 2 °C. Side panels in compact grade standard
and anti-scratch lacquering.