Highly focused because it mixes, heats, and freezes in the same cylinder.


The operator uses the machine while standing straight, and the simple push-buttons are accessible even while adding mix.

Dry Filling function to deliver the precise amount of water required to clean, saving time and avoiding dosage errors.

Optional: cover shelf mat shaped to hold the trays in place, the basins and tubs, during extraction of the gelato.


Rounded corners on all parts of the machine closest to the operator ensure a high level of injury prevention


Cleaning is easier thanks to the high temperature cylinder washing and the removable extraction chute. Hygienic safety is guaranteed, even during a prolonged production stand-by, thanks to the refrigerated storage program of ice cream residuals which are left inside the cylinder at the end of the batch freezing.


Ready technology makes it possible to complete the full gelato production process in just one machine.

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